Colourful State

I had to go through a few different files for this, merging layers along the way, out of fear that my computer would lock up if it had to deal with more and more data to save. I spent a lot of time on trying to get the void-texture to feel right, particularly how the skin/fur itself should look.

When I uploaded this to my desktop, I once again discovered that the colours were way off from what I expected. This has been a recurring problem that I'm not too sure how to deal with. I feel certain my desktop monitor is "correct", that it's accurate sRGB or whatever it should be. My Surface tablet... not so much. It's more yellow or something, pictures on the desktop have a much brighter blue to the point they can appear purple.

I haven't managed to sort it and Windows' colour management seems useless. However I discovered that this time at least, assigning this picture with the Surface' colour profile, I got something that seemed more accurate to what I was drawing.

Tuesday, 7th January 02014

digital, taylor.