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Viola, the Rogue

A design for a tabletop character.

PostedSunday, 13 January 02019 Tagscharacter design, digital, squeaky, tabletop, viola.

Chip And Spitfire

A squeaky pooltoy snuggling commission!

PostedMonday, 25 June 02018 Tagscommission, digital, squeaky.

Air Tank Love

PostedMonday, 12 March 02018 Tagsdigital, squeaky, taylor.

Make Something Into Yourself

Hey, a commission! What is this shenanigans?!

PostedWednesday, 26 July 02017 Tagscommission, digital, squeaky, taylor, transformation.

Viola Profile Draft

PostedSaturday, 20 June 02017 Tagssketch, squeaky.

Luik, All Anime

This is the protagonist of Squeak Adventure, Luik. You've maybe seen them before. Luik is also the name and design origin of another concept of mine, where they were human. I combined their designs here, giving toy Luik human Luik's clothes.

It's very anime.

PostedWednesday, 14 June 02017 Tagsdigital, sketch, squeak adventure, squeaky.

Squeak Adventure 〜 KH Type

Oh boy I did one of these things again~.

PostedThursday, 3 November 02016 Tagsdigital, graphic design, squeak adventure, squeaky.

Level Up...?

Viewer discretion: Minor inflation

PostedThursday, ‎18 ‎February ‎02016 Tagsdigital, squeak adventure, squeaky.

Settling On Squeaky

PostedSunday, ‎3 ‎January ‎02016 Tagsdigital, squeaky, taylor.

Unwanted Advances on Synthetics

PostedThursday, 27 November 02014 Tagsdigital, giftart, squeaky.