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Kitsune Light

PostedMonday, 1 October 02018 Tagsdigital, taylor, traditional.

Hidden In The Green

PostedMonday, 11 June 02018 Tagsdigital, taylor.

Air Tank Love

PostedMonday, 12 March 02018 Tagsdigital, squeaky, taylor.

High Up

PostedThursday, 3 August 02017 Tagssketch, taylor.

Falvie Paint

I guess this does make me feel more invigorated than my usual dull slate colours.

PostedThursday, 27 July 02017 Tagsdigital, fanart, taylor, transformation.

Make Something Into Yourself

Hey, a commission! What is this shenanigans?!

PostedWednesday, 26 July 02017 Tagscommission, digital, squeaky, taylor, transformation.

Fionbri Tay

PostedWednesday, 27 July 02016 Tagsdigital, fanart, taylor.

Settling On Squeaky

PostedSunday, ‎3 ‎January ‎02016 Tagsdigital, squeaky, taylor.

Personal Universe

PostedWednesday, 26 March 02014 Tagsdigital, taylor.

Observable Universe

I originally started this as a sketch traditionally, however I wasn't sure I'd be able to achieve the effects I wanted without going digitally, so I did so.

I was trying to get foreshortening down again here, however I don't feel there was much achieved on that front. I'm not at a terribly strong angle to show it that much. I also tried to follow my recent reference to be more consistent with my appearance.

PostedSunday, 23 February 02014 Tagsdigital, taylor.