Hello there!

I am this slate furry thing known as Taylor.

I am a freelance furry artist living in New Zealand. My art is focused on urban fantasy and soft science fiction, and often involves whimsical fantasy creatures.

I also dabble in game development, and will sometimes talk about my work here, as well as post artwork related to those projects.

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Projects and Categories

Don't want to jump into everything? Here are some major categories.

Witness to Unity (RPG)

Ivan discovers — and promptly falls into — a seemingly bottomless hole that appeared one night in his home world. Venturing through unknown lands, he quickly forms bonds with alien friends: the dragonian Arin and the nuish Metia. In trying to find a way back to Ivan's home, the party learns about a massive destructive beast known as the World Feeder — and that their homes are in danger of being destroyed in seven days.

Witness to Unity is an RPG project that has you follow the story of Ivan and his friends he meets on a world-jumping adventure; its key feature being that it doesn't have a true main quest, instead having you follow the personal quests of the party members to choose how to confront the threat.

Twelve Thousand (VN)

At the strike of New Years 2018, everyone in the world received a message on many phone and internet services that merely said "I am". Soon after Inu finds himself in the world of the far future — the year 12000 — where only mythical animals exist, himself transformed to fit, and the land has twisted up into a construction known as The Tower. Inu finds himself slipping back and forth between the future and the present, wondering if it is not instead the present and the past.

12000 is a visual novel following Inu as he tries to investigate the nature of the strange occurrences between the strikingly different worlds. Help your friends with their own personal struggles from both time periods — interacting with both their mythical and human selves.

Digital art

Traditional art

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