Witchsona 〜 𝕴𝕹𝖀

PostedWednesday, 27 January 02016 Tagsdigital, fanart, inu, twelve thousand.

Mobile Compatibility

I'm so sorry to anyone who had to deal with my website's atrocious mobile compatibility caused by the neglect of one line.

This has been remedied, and the web designer has been sacked.

That designer is me.

So I'll just get back to that art instead.

PostedTuesday, 24 November 02015 Tagsblog, sketch.

Heartache 〜 Reload

PostedThursday, 5 November 02015 Tagsdigital, fanart.

Duality Across Time

PostedWednesday, 21 October 02015 Tagscommission, digital, fanart.

I'm Not That Cute...

PostedWednesday, 7 October 02015 Tagscommission, sketch.

Persona Queue

PostedWednesday, 23 September 02015 Tagsdigital, ryue, twelve thousand.

Building Blocks

PostedTuesday, 28 July 02015 Tagscommission, digital, fanart, pokemon.

Bronze Flight

A gift for a certain dragon.

PostedSunday, 21 June 02015 Tagsdigital, giftart.


Viewer discretion: Mature content.

PostedWednesday, 22 April 02015 Tagsdigital.

Shadow of the Foolish Hermit

"Why entertain yourself with this, if it's a hollow cover for the harsh reality of nothing? Isn't it better to embrace reality, than to walk the path of the deluded and the righteous?"

PostedThursday, 12 February 02015 Tagsdigital, persona, shadow series.