Without Doctors

For those who feel nowhere, may you find comfort in somewhere.

PostedSaturday, 29 June 02019 Tagsdigital, fanart, floraverse, nohai.

Don The Executioner's Hood

PostedFriday, 17 May 02019 Tagsdigital, fanart, floraverse.

The My RPG!! Demo Writeup

That girl is a veteran, skilled love thief,
While I'm a nice and sweet, likable girl...
My feelings they sit, unfulfilled,
Creator, why's it so?

PostedSaturday, 4 May 02019 Tagsconceptualisation, games, my rpg.

Holy Crap, I Released Something - My RPG!!



PostedMonday, 1 April 02019 Tagsgames, my rpg.

Viola, the Rogue

A design for a tabletop character.

PostedSunday, 13 January 02019 Tagscharacter design, digital, squeaky, tabletop, viola.

Itchy Itchy


PostedFriday, ‎21 ‎December 02018 Tagsfloraverse, nohai, sketch.

Nohai, the Hoodwink

PostedMonday, 12 November 02018 Tagscharacter design, digital, floraverse, nohai.

Kitsune Light

PostedMonday, 1 October 02018 Tagsdigital, taylor, traditional.

March On

"No matter what awaits me, I'll keep marching on."

I have seriously not drawn Jirbyth in a long time. Look at them timestamps.

PostedTuesday, 26 June 02018 Tagsdisarrayed unity, jirbyth, sketch.

Chip And Spitfire

A squeaky pooltoy snuggling commission!

PostedMonday, 25 June 02018 Tagscommission, digital, squeaky.