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Two Halves Development Sketches

I've been kind of pondering another game idea (yes, I know) with a friend. I then have ended up drawing just excessive amounts of concepts for it. This is my best effort to organise it all in one place as of this date. For the sake of providing some context and clarity, I've included some notes on the characters or design choices.

Wednesday, 1st December 02021

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Two Halves' wibbly wobbly history

Long ago, about 02005-07, I produced an RPG known as Two Halves. To this date, it is my only game other people have played. It was released in irregular betas to a community I was a part of.

The story is pretty terrible. The self-insert main character was teleport-kidnapped by a space-army fixated on reviving their demi-god warrior to fight a "demon" alien. The main character was a reincarnation of half of the dead demi-god. Also an internet forum was a real world location.

It's all kind of a mess because I would alter or make additions to the story over time as I was inspired to. It's really obvious when I look at it.

Saturday, 9th August 02014

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