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Letter Of The Law

A law of nature.

Wednesday, 9th October 02019

my rpg, traditional.

Hurt Is Inevitable

Maybe if you let go, you'll make it in time.

Tuesday, 8th October 02019

disarrayed unity, jirbyth, kaeo, traditional.

Alone In The World

Through what power?

Friday, 4th October 02019

traditional, twelve thousand, uriel.

The Pact Is Sealed

But with who?

Thursday, 3rd October 02019

inu, traditional, twelve thousand.

Kitsune Light

Monday, 1st October 02018

digital, taylor, traditional.


"Wheee! Look at them all go!"

Sunday, 23rd December 02012

concept design, ~/shell, traditional.

Self Satisfaction

Friday, 21st December 02012

drake, self series, traditional, twelve thousand.

Why would I wear clothes?

Wednesday, 12th December 02012

altair, ~/shell, traditional.

Self Defence

Oh hey, I remembered I have the "Self" series to work on, maybe I could actually finish it during this sudden drive to do stuff.

Wednesday, 12th December 02012

disarrayed unity, kayla, self series, traditional.

Dive into my Heart

Tuesday, 14th August 02012

taylor, traditional.