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Great Unknowable

Wednesday, 4th March 02020

sketch, taylor.

Kitsune Light

Monday, 1st October 02018

digital, taylor, traditional.

Hidden In The Green

Monday, 11th June 02018

digital, taylor.

Air Tank Love

Monday, 12th March 02018

digital, squeaky, taylor.

Make Something Into Yourself

Hey, a commission! What is this shenanigans?!

Wednesday, 26th July 02017

commission, digital, squeaky, taylor, transformation.

Personal Universe

Wednesday, 26th February 02014

digital, taylor.

Observable Universe

I originally started this as a sketch traditionally, however I wasn't sure I'd be able to achieve the effects I wanted without going digitally, so I did so.

I was trying to get foreshortening down again here, however I don't feel there was much achieved on that front. I'm not at a terribly strong angle to show it that much. I also tried to follow my recent reference to be more consistent with my appearance.

Sunday, 23rd February 02014

digital, taylor.

Colourful State

Tuesday, 7th January 02014

digital, taylor.

Puella Magi Taylor Terraria

Thursday, 21st November 02013

digital, taylor.

No Comment

A bit of history, art evolution, and another picture of me...

Friday, 12th July 02013

digital, taylor.