Tag: Digital


Viola, the Rogue

A design for a tabletop character.

Sunday, 13th January 02019

concept design, digital, squeaky, tabletop, viola.

Nohai, the Hoodwink

Monday, 12th November 02018

concept design, digital, floraverse, nohai.

Kitsune Light

Monday, 1st October 02018

digital, taylor, traditional.

Chip And Spitfire

A squeaky pooltoy snuggling commission!

Monday, 25th June 02018

commission, digital, squeaky.

Hidden In The Green

Monday, 11th June 02018

digital, taylor.

Air Tank Love

Monday, 12th March 02018

digital, squeaky, taylor.

Tsumugi Shiroplane

I regret nothing.

Tuesday, 20th February 02018

digital, fanart.

Fidget And Squeak

Here's a shiny Lexy, owned by Eevee.

Sunday, 19th November 02017

digital, floraverse, giftart.

Winter Is Thumping

A sketch that got a bit out of control, inspired by Nystre.

Saturday, 5th August 02017

digital, fanart, pokemon.

Shaymin Paws

Hey, another commission!

Monday, 31st July 02017

commission, digital, fanart, pokemon.