Rimanat Tyr

Tuesday, 3rd December 02019

concept design, sketch, the traveller, tyr, witness to unity.

Site Update!

The site got a massive update! Holy crap this was a lot of work...

Most won't be too obvious to notice though, as it's largely behind the scenes. A lot of the HTML and CSS methods were outdated and terrible, so I redid a lot of that nearly from scratch, but kept the same design. I redid the footer and links, as well as added an Everything Else link for miscellanous stuff I do that isn't part of the main blogroll.

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Thursday, 21st November 02019


A Memory (I)

Sunday, 17th November 02019

digital, fanart, okami.

Letter Of The Law

A law of nature.

Wednesday, 9th October 02019

my rpg, traditional.

Hurt Is Inevitable

Maybe if you let go, you'll make it in time.

Tuesday, 8th October 02019

disarrayed unity, jirbyth, kaeo, traditional.

Alone In The World

Through what power?

Friday, 4th October 02019

traditional, twelve thousand, uriel.

The Pact Is Sealed

But with who?

Thursday, 3rd October 02019

inu, traditional, twelve thousand.

Without Doctors

For those who feel nowhere, may you find comfort in somewhere.

Saturday, 29th June 02019

digital, floraverse, nohai.

Don The Executioner's Hood

Friday, 17th May 02019

digital, fanart, floraverse.

The My RPG!! Demo Writeup

That girl is a veteran, skilled love thief,
While I'm a nice and sweet, likable girl...
My feelings they sit, unfulfilled,
Creator, why's it so?

Saturday, 4th May 02019

blog, games, my rpg.