RPG Maker XP Simple Message System 2000

Version 1.3a

When I first switched back to RPG Maker XP after becoming fed up with RMVXAce, I ran into a problem with message scripts. Specifically I felt they were all overly-complicated when I wanted to be able to make edits to them myself. The purpose of this script is to restore the functions of the original RPG Maker 2000 for the sake of simplicity, and give room for more advanced scripters to add their own syntax.


The demo features two scripts: the core message script, and a separate demonstration of custom code, including remade EXFONT graphics and syntax, and a name label shortcut.

Download and Credits

Download Demo (v1.3a)

Credits should go to myself, Taylor.

Also would like to thank, ah, RMVX and VXAce's default script code which I referenced in this script's creation.


(v1.3a) Thursday, 4th June 02020
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to softlock because pauses went below zero by making sure pauses... didn't do that.
  • You can now disable the single-message skip function. (Pressing C/X, as opposed to fast-forward with SHIFT.)
  • Text can be set whether on meeting a mid-message pause, to fully skip the message, or stop on such pauses.
  • General improvements to text speed - multiple letters drawn at once for faster minimum speeds, and reduces to single-letter rendering as the delay is increased.
  • General improvements to blip effect speed - blips now only play on normal characters (ie. not syntax) and can be set to skip things like spaces and grammar.
(v1.0) Thursday, 6th September 02018
  • Initial release.


I'm not sure if I'll be adding new features to this, except anything to improve the base functionality. The way I made this I wanted to keep core/classic features separate from optional ones, to reduce script size and clutter.

Thursday, 4th June 02020