Silnylon Drac

I've been caught up in working on Witness to Unity, so haven't really focused much on visual art. I could be posting about my progress on that, but it's honestly rather hard to think of anything or any way to talk about it. Maybe I'll make a big post later about various achievements in that project.

Here is some sort of variation on the squeaky creatures that are fun and impossible, a dragon-Umbreon made of the same material and padding as sleeping bags. I think the outer material is silnylon, I couldn't find something confirming it, but similar outdoor gear is apparently made of the stuff.

It's pretty much an inflatable meets a plushie creature. It may or may not have an opening or zipper somewhere. With all that magic keeping its qualia going in a body without organs or brain, if you slept inside it it might start doing strange things to you~.

I wonder what would cause this sort of creature. Maybe a wizard wanted a living friendly bed thing for their son to be company and to keep them warm at night. Obviously enchanting a teddy didn't occur to them.

This is kinda a giftart of a friend, turning their usual Umbreon into something silly and bizarre.

Saturday, 14th September 02013

giftart, pokemon, sketch, squeaky.