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Comments 02019-10-12: Actually you know what? Time for some explanations.

I have two characters with similar designs - Lucien Theodore, and Kiyba White. Kiyba kind of came first, inspired as a sort of expy of a friend's character. I would then reuse his design to create Lucien. It started off with the human being Kiyba. Kiyba was redesigned as a white cat. The original human became Lucien.

I then started developing Lucien and Kiyba's backstory through IRC roleplay plots. At the time at least, Kiyba had some kind of power over space-time - thus the pocket-watch motif - and accidentally created a localised divergence in the timeline. This created a timeline where he was Kiyba, and a timeline where he was Lucien, somehow.

Using those same powers, one of them escaped to the main timeline, before the offshoot timeline was erased. Being the same person, they somehow were switching places with each other, confusing his friends when he kept turning into a different person and acting like nothing was wrong. (The truth was that he was playing dumb and knew what was going on.)

This plot went unresolved, as a lot of RPs went, unfortunately.

I would later consider using this plot as part of a sidestory to the Unityverse - just with two humans on either side of the timeline. This also went nowhere/has gone nowhere.

Later, I would attempt to be part of a group forum adventure based around Homestuck. I reused (white cat) Kiyba's design. As part of Homestuck's premise, he ended up with a "dancestor" (chronological ancestor but the descendant is genetically the parent), through some weird time shenanigans, I don't remember. (This is nothing special, this is just Homestuck.)

This also went nowhere due to a lot of personal conflicts and unpleasantness with the people involved.

So - we have four figures here. From top-left going clockwise:

They are all the same person.

Monday, 31st October 02011

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