Comments 02019-10-12

Rescanned the source image. Like with a bunch of other pictures, I previously used heavy filters on the art to smooth out white specks. I'm not so fond of that effect now, such that today's (02019-10-12) effort was to restore the original picture's quality.

Original Comments

"So... how exactly is this different?"

Being transformed into a Lucario isn't as exciting as it sounds. Maybe it's because I'm already a blue furred canine. Despite the pose turning out like mid-stride more than looking upon my new body, I think this might be one of my favourite traditional pieces in a long time.

I took a bit of creative liberties with Lucario's design as an experiment, to try and make its clothing look more like part of its body.

Gee, I wonder why this is one of my most popular DA pictures...

Saturday, 9th January 02010

fanart, pokemon, traditional, transformation.