I am open for digital commissions. I will provide original resolutions to you and publish web-sized versions online. You may share these links, but not repost them unless I give permission on their use. (Please?)

Characters (extra characters/frames same price)



Prices may have additional variance depending on the content at hand. I may estimate alternate prices based on your proposal when discussing your commission.

Late Fees: I ask for payment at the end of work completion. After I have provided a low-res version of your commission for review, and the work is considered completed, I will give a week's lee-way for payment, after which a 10NZD per-week late fee will be added, regardless of original picture cost.


What I will draw:
Most subjects you see here on this site, and some related things. G-PG level stuff, feel free to ask.

What I won't:
Things you don't see here, generally speaking. Explicit sexual content or explicit nudity. Fan-characters of fictional species are fine, but specific canon characters are on a case-by-case basis.

I reserve the right to refuse business without giving an explanation.

I can provide alternate copies (i.e. without a background) if you wish. I may send early sketches so as to determine if I am on the right track. The time it takes for me to do something can vary a lot, please be patient~.
I can be contacted by my email — after appropriate symbol replacement — at tayruu•gmail•com, on any art sites, or instant-messaging, if you know of me there.