Bad Sim

The Electronic World and Sensory Virtualisation Bill of 2064 was written to require that any and all technology or software that directly intercepts a user's senses to undergo a critique by government and Cyberdyne selected professionals. The purpose of this bill was to ensure the safety of all users and keep quality products at the forefront of Cyberdyne's VR services.

While this may seem like stepping over boundaries, no similar approach has ever been successful with other technology, although it certainly has been suggested more than once since the success of the bill. Cyberdyne's biggest concern is the safety of their users, or rather all users of technology. As the virtual reality technology inputs directly into users' senses to give fully immersive experiences, any bugs or low-quality sims must be taken seriously as there is no telling how the mind will handle them.

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Thursday, 7th November 02013

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