Air Headed, Bird Brained Experiment

More squeaky things!

This was really challenging because I'm horribly inexperienced at drawing burd... but after a time I just tried to work at it until I got something. I think I should try to draw more birds, or something. Although I really need a compositional reason to — I don't like practicing something as is, because that feels boring.

Anyway er, this was a commission for friend Soreth~. I think I almost overdid this in terms of what was requested, so I've updated the commission details page to see if that works.

Oh yeah, one more thing! I've actually been working with Paint Tool SAI again. Anyone following my Twitter may have seen me yelling about Clip Studio acting up for no clear reason. SAI lacks the touch-gestures Clip has, and some Photoshop-esque features, but it's nice to use again.

Saturday, 8th November 02014

commission, digital, pokemon, squeaky, transformation.