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Who is the Witness? Are they the Witnesses?

Friday, 14th December 02012

arin, digital, ivan, metia, witness to unity, world feeder.


Something is necessary.

Monday, 2nd July 02012

arin, digital, witness to unity.

Two Personae

Sunday, 1st July 02012

digital, lucien, persona, witness to unity.

To Him

"I blame you. I'm down here because of you. Dad said you were the reason for the world's troubles, so as soon as I get out of here, I'm going to let you have it."

Sunday, 1st April 02012

digital, trevor, witness to unity.


We have four figures here.
They are all the same person.

Monday, 31st October 02011

digital, kiyba, lucien, witness to unity.

Battle Scene

Saturday, 25th September 02010

concept design, digital, witness to unity.


Saturday, 20th February 02010

traditional, witness to unity, world feeder.


Wednesday, 17th February 02010

concept design, disarrayed unity, the parasite, traditional, witness to unity.

Where To Travel?

Sunday, 6th September 02009

digital, disarrayed unity, exitesen of unity, the traveller, witness to unity.

Twin Blades

Friday, 17th July 02009

digital, ivan, witness to unity.