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Hole Shaped Heart

Something feels missing.

PostedWednesday, 11 July 02012 Tagsdigital, mea, witness to unity.


Something feels necessary.

PostedMonday, 2 July 02012 Tagsarin, digital, witness to unity.

Two Personae

PostedSunday, 1 July 02012 Tagsdigital, lucien, persona, witness to unity.

To Him

How vague...

PostedSunday, 1 April 02012 Tagsdigital, trevor, witness to unity.

Self Manipulation

PostedWednesday, 7 December 02011 Tagsdigital, mea, self series, witness to unity.


PostedMonday, 31 October 02011 Tagsdigital, lucien, witness to unity.


PostedSaturday, 29 October 02011 Tagscharacter design, digital, lucien, witness to unity.

Lunias And Trevor

PostedSaturday, 24 September 02011 Tagscharacter design, digital, disarrayed unity, lunias, trevor, witness to unity.

Falling Down

PostedFriday, 23 September 02011 Tagsdigital, trevor, witness to unity.

Exitesen Designs Archive

PostedThursday, 30 June 02011 Tagscharacter design, digital, eindre, games, jia, jirbyth, mea, sketch, trevor, witness to unity.