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Witchsona 〜 𝕴𝕹𝖀

So about those witchsona things, am I doing it right?

PostedWednesday, 27 January 02016 Tagsdigital, fanart, inu, twelve thousand.

Persona Queue

PostedWednesday, 23 September 02015 Tagsdigital, ryuei, twelve thousand.


The silent voice within one's heart whispers the most profound wisdom.

PostedWednesday, 18 June 02014 Tagscharacter design, digital, twelve thousand.


"I think some people are just in need of guidance and direction. It's not that they're choosing to ignore what's going on, it's that they really have no idea where to look. I wish I could point everyone in the right direction like a shining Star... but I don't think I have any sort of leadership qualities. All I'm capable of is telling close friends what I believe, and then I'll disappear like everyone else..."

PostedMonday, 28 April 02014 Tagscharacter design, digital, twelve thousand.

Blind men and an elephant

The story of the blind men and an elephant is a parable originating from India.

In it, several blind men, or men in darkness unable to see, surround and touch an elephant. They can only get information of one part of the elephant – for example a limb, the flank, or a tusk. The blinded men then tell one another what they believe to be before them from the information they have alone. What they end up discovering however, is that each one of them give completely varied accounts for what they think is before them.

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PostedMonday, 7th April 02014 Tagsblog, conceptualisation, twelve thousand.


I'm putting this under character design because this (and some other posts too apply) picture also served to design them.

PostedWednesday, 2 October 02013 Tagscharacter design, digital, twelve thousand.


Crossing boundaries...

PostedSunday, 28 July 02013 Tagsdigital, inu, twelve thousand.

12000 Panel Experimenting

This is a few experimental panels I drew for 12000. Because of the adventure format, I want something I can draw somewhat quickly and repeatedly, even though I'll likely only create updates about once a week to avoid overworking myself. I don't want to lose motivation over single shots.

PostedSaturday, 23 February 02013 Tagsconceptualisation, digital, twelve thousand.

Self Satisfaction

PostedFriday, 21 December 02012 Tagsdrake, self series, traditional, twelve thousand.

Self Reflection

PostedWednesday, 7 March 02012 Tagsdigital, inu, self series, twelve thousand.