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Falvie Paint

I guess this does make me feel more invigorated than my usual dull slate colours.

PostedThursday, 27 July 02017 Tagsdigital, fanart, taylor, transformation.

Make Something Into Yourself

Hey, a commission! What is this shenanigans?!

PostedWednesday, 26 July 02017 Tagscommission, digital, squeaky, taylor, transformation.

New Toys

PostedWednesday, ‎11 May ‎02016 Tagsdigital, fanart, pokemon, transformation.

Air Headed, Bird Brained Experiment

That's a title that I'm rarely going to get a chance to use again. Probably.

Well of course I can't use it again when this picture's titled it.

PostedSaturday, 8 November 02014 Tagscommission, digital, pokemon, squeaky, transformation.


Hah. I get it.

Haven't been feeling motivated to work on projects or other in-progress pieces, but managed to output a sketch fine. Not sure it looks snow-leopardy though...

PostedTuesday, 17 September 02013 Tagssketch, transformation.

I Don't Approve Of This!

"What? HUH? How? Why?! What's happened to me??"

Yes, this is just what you think it is. Unless you're thinking wrong.

This guy used to be human, he's not taking this change well...

PostedMonday, 24 June 02013 Tagscharacter design, digital, squeaky, transformation.

Serpentine Soreth

PostedThursday, 3 January 02013 Tagsdigital, giftart, squeaky, transformation.

How Curious

PostedTuesday, 11 September 02012 Tagsdigital, squeaky, taylor, transformation.

Squeaky Soreth

PostedMonday, 3 September 02012 Tagsdigital, giftart, squeaky, transformation.

Tail Light

"Don't look at me like that, I can't control it!"

PostedWednesday, 27 June 02012 Tagsdigital, fanart, pokemon, transformation.