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Surround yourself in creations...

PostedMonday, 21 March 02011 Tagstaylor, traditional.


PostedSunday, 31 October 02010 Tagstaylor, traditional.

Halve Cast

PostedSaturday, 23 October 02010 Tagscharacter design, traditional, two halves.


PostedSaturday, 9 October 02010 Tagstraditional, twelve thousand.

Watching The Clouds

PostedFriday, 16 July 02010 Tagshawke, inu, leo, naut, traditional, twelve thousand.

In Miniature

PostedSunday, 11 July 02010 Tagstaylor, traditional.


PostedSaturday, 20 February 02010 Tagstraditional, witness to unity, world feeder.

Assisted Suicide

PostedFriday, 19 February 02010 Tagsdisarrayed unity, kayth, traditional.


PostedWednesday, 17 February 02010 Tagsdisarrayed unity, the parasite, traditional, witness to unity.

Master of Wind

PostedMonday, 15 February 02010 Tagsdisarrayed unity, kayla, traditional.