Tag: Taylor


How Curious

Tuesday, 11th September 02012

digital, squeaky, taylor, transformation.

Dive into my Heart

Tuesday, 14th August 02012

taylor, traditional.

Ride On

Wednesday, 7th March 02012

digital, giftart, pokemon, taylor.

Shadow Of The Justice

Wednesday, 11th January 02012

digital, shadow series, taylor.

Whose Eyes, Are Those Eyes?

Saturday, 29th October 02011

digital, taylor.

To Own Worlds

Wednesday, 31st August 02011

taylor, traditional.

Attic Atelier

Thursday, 4th August 02011

digital, taylor, tower of stars.

Colours of XVI

Saturday, 16th July 02011

digital, taylor, twelve thousand.


Surround yourself in creations...

Monday, 21st March 02011

taylor, traditional.

Shadow Of The Moon

Tuesday, 21st December 02010

digital, persona, shadow series, taylor.