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You'll Get Used To It!

"Everything will be okay! Look on the bright side! Live in the moment! It will all work out! Think of it as some big adventure to take a break from growing old!"

Saturday, 29th June 02013

digital, giftart, squeaky.

I Don't Approve Of This!

"What? HUH? How? Why?! What's happened to me??"

This guy used to be human, he's not taking this change well...

Monday, 24th June 02013

concept design, digital, squeaky, transformation.

Serpentine Soreth

Thursday, 3rd January 02013

digital, giftart, squeaky, transformation.

How Curious

Tuesday, 11th September 02012

digital, squeaky, taylor, transformation.

Squeaky Soreth

Monday, 3rd September 02012

digital, giftart, squeaky, transformation.