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Itchy Itchy


PostedFriday, ‎21 ‎December 02018 Tagsfloraverse, nohai, sketch.

March On

"No matter what awaits me, I'll keep marching on."

I have seriously not drawn Jirbyth in a long time. Look at them timestamps.

PostedTuesday, 26 June 02018 Tagsdisarrayed unity, jirbyth, sketch.

FurcoNZ 2018

I went to my second furcon! And I sold original sketches!

... okay that's pretty much what I said before, but~.

PostedTuesday, 6 February 02018 Tagscommission, sketch.


PostedWednesday, 13 December 02017 Tagsfanart, sketch.


PostedSunday, 13 August 02017 Tagscharacter design, my rpg, sketch.

High Up

PostedThursday, 3 August 02017 Tagssketch, taylor.

Viola Profile Draft

PostedSaturday, 20 June 02017 Tagssketch, squeaky.

Luik, All Anime

This is the protagonist of Squeak Adventure, Luik. You've maybe seen them before. Luik is also the name and design origin of another concept of mine, where they were human. I combined their designs here, giving toy Luik human Luik's clothes.

It's very anime.

PostedWednesday, 14 June 02017 Tagsdigital, sketch, squeak adventure, squeaky.

FurcoNZ Sketches

I went to my first furcon! And I sold original sketches!

PostedMonday, 6 February 02017 Tagscommission, sketch.

Mobile Compatibility

I'm so sorry to anyone who had to deal with my website's atrocious mobile compatibility caused by the neglect of one line.

This has been remedied, and the web designer has been sacked.

That designer is me.


Oh, there's some sketches here too.

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PostedTuesday, 24 November 02015 Tagsblog, sketch.