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Winter Is Thumping

A sketch that got a bit out of control, inspired by Nystre.

PostedSaturday, 5 August 02017 Tagsdigital, fanart, pokemon.

Shaymin Paws

Hey, another commission!

PostedMonday, 31 July 02017 Tagscommission, digital, fanart, pokemon.


Posted‎Sunday, ‎12 ‎June ‎02016 Tagsdigital, fanart, pokemon.

New Toys

PostedWednesday, ‎11 May ‎02016 Tagsdigital, fanart, pokemon, transformation.

Building Blocks

PostedTuesday, 28 July 02015 Tagscommission, digital, fanart, pokemon.

Air Headed, Bird Brained Experiment

That's a title that I'm rarely going to get a chance to use again. Probably.

Well of course I can't use it again when this picture's titled it.

PostedSaturday, 8 November 02014 Tagscommission, digital, pokemon, squeaky, transformation.


I like drawing Umbreon, okay?

PostedSunday, 2 November 02014 Tagsdigital, giftart, pokemon, squeaky.

Pachirisu Warrior

I'm not not sure what brought this about. I was asked to/wanted to draw a Pachirisu, and for whatever reason this character came to mind. I spent a lot of time trying to get the pose and the size of the head right in the sketch that for a while my motivation went down. I seem to change the proportions of things all the time, because it's still not the official appearance, but maybe I shouldn't worry about that.

PostedThursday, 20 February 02014 Tagsfanart, pokemon, traditional.

Silnylon Drac

Creatures that have a consciousness and life even without organs or a brain are so fascinating to me. I don't mean the usual robot or whimsical things like automatic brooms sweeping though. Creatures that look like other living beings, but are made of unusual materials~! They would make great space-explorers, surely. Organs, especially lungs, get in the way of that.

PostedSaturday, 14 September 02013 Tagsgiftart, pokemon, sketch, squeaky.

Void Lugia

This isn't my weirdest idea. Probably.

PostedFriday, 17 May 02013 Tagsdigital, fanart, pokemon.