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Shadow of the Foolish Hermit

"Why entertain yourself with this, if it's a hollow cover for the harsh reality of nothing? Isn't it better to embrace reality, than to walk the path of the deluded and the righteous?"

PostedThursday, 12 February 02015 Tagsdigital, persona, shadow series.

Legiondary Looks

This picture has been a long time coming. Way back in 02013 I had this idea as a stupid joke, and I got the first (drawn) panel done. I stopped before the second one, and it just snowballed. I had all these other pictures and projects to work on, and the idea got more and more neglected.

So I fixed that.

PostedThursday, 15 January 02015 Tagsfanart, persona, sketch.

Be Your True Mind

Since I updated Tower of Stars to its current incarnation I have been feeling unmotivated and listless. I don't think the two are related, but it has stopped me from continuing to add content here that I have backlogged. That header needs something new, I have several in-progress artworks, and I intend to write about 12000.

When I'm unmotivated several things can end up happening instead. I mess with my desktop and shell customisation — no clue why, I think I just end up wanting a new and fresh interface. That's already happened. I wallow in pity and feel frustrated about things I usually can ignore. That's a thing, that's why I try to keep myself entertained with creative endeavours. Then I might also think of a while new concept that I want to create.

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PostedWednesday, 5 June 02013 Tagsblog, conceptualisation, games, graphic design, persona.

Two Personae

PostedSunday, 1 July 02012 Tagsdigital, lucien, persona, witness to unity.

Card Smash

PostedFriday, 10 September 02010 Tagsdigital, fanart, persona, taylor.


PostedThursday, 21 January 02010 Tagsdigital, fanart, persona.