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[Code Talk] Intelligent Enemies

So there were several problems at hand with what I wanted my monsters to be able to do in Witness to Unity. Some of it came down to the limits of the program I chose to use, but a lot of it seems to be because I'm still pretty dumb when it comes to programming. Oops.

RPG Maker VX Ace is not very flexible about making enemies. I wanted to make my enemies smart about the targets of their skills, choosing the right target to heal conditions, apply them, or exploit elements.

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PostedSunday, 15 September 02013 Tagsgames, witness to unity.

On Telling Games...

The remastered version of Ducktales is a great game. It feels just the same with its gameplay, it doesn't talk down to the player or make things a walk in the park -- and I'm playing on Easy. The notable thing though is that it doesn't feel like a remake, or a port, or what have you. It feels like as if the game was a new entry made to current standards.

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PostedThursday, 15 August 02013 Tagsblog, conceptualisation, games.

[Game Idea] "Fluid"

Fluid (adj.), changing readily; shifting; not fixed, stable, or rigid.

Sometimes my brain will think of ideas or projects that I ought to create, and often this is entirely unhelpful for the projects I should be focusing on. Here I am writing down the ideas that came to mind for this concept to get it out there, since I don't think I have the time to work on this as well as other ideas.

Thanks, brain.

This game is called Fluid. It is a Yume Nikki-like game in that there's an awake mode and a dream mode to gameplay. The dream mode is where most of the game lies, and involves exploring the character's — who I will refer to as Avatar — unconscious mind and seeing what it's all about. There are also Moods to collect that alter the character's appearance and grant particular abilities that help with exploration in different ways.

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PostedThursday, 4 July 02013 Tagsconceptualisation, games.

There is a terminal here.

This post is about save points. I personally prefer save points over being able to save anywhere, although freedom of saving does have its advantages. Save points mixed with freedom to save for example on world maps or in safe areas is also a fair route to take.

PostedThursday, 6 June 02013 Tagsblog, conceptualisation, games, sketch.

Be Your True Mind

Since I updated Tower of Stars to its current incarnation I have been feeling unmotivated and listless. I don't think the two are related, but it has stopped me from continuing to add content here that I have backlogged. That header needs something new, I have several in-progress artworks, and I intend to write about 12000.

When I'm unmotivated several things can end up happening instead. I mess with my desktop and shell customisation — no clue why, I think I just end up wanting a new and fresh interface. That's already happened. I wallow in pity and feel frustrated about things I usually can ignore. That's a thing, that's why I try to keep myself entertained with creative endeavours. Then I might also think of a while new concept that I want to create.

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PostedWednesday, 5 June 02013 Tagsblog, conceptualisation, games, graphic design, persona.

Weapon Sketches

PostedSunday, 3 March 02013 Tagsconceptualisation, games, sketch, witness to unity.

> [S] Mea: Wake Up

PostedMonday, 1 August 02011 Tagsdigital, games, mea.

Exitesen Designs Archive

PostedThursday, 30 June 02011 Tagscharacter design, digital, eindre, games, jia, jirbyth, mea, sketch, trevor, witness to unity.

Denzil Sprite Refs

PostedThursday, 17 March 02011 Tagscharacter design, games, sketch.

Dear Cast

PostedSaturday, 27 November 02010 Tagscharacter design, dear diary, games, sketch.