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Duality Across Time

PostedWednesday, 21 October 02015 Tagscommission, digital, fanart.

Building Blocks

PostedTuesday, 28 July 02015 Tagscommission, digital, fanart, pokemon.

Legiondary Looks

This picture has been a long time coming. Way back in 02013 I had this idea as a stupid joke, and I got the first (drawn) panel done. I stopped before the second one, and it just snowballed. I had all these other pictures and projects to work on, and the idea got more and more neglected.

So I fixed that.

PostedThursday, 15 January 02015 Tagsfanart, persona, sketch.

Shin Donkey Tensei

Vile Pompy!
What will you do?
PostedThursday, 25 September 02014 Tagsfanart, pixels.

Outside Draw Area

read superego if you're not already it's by my good friend jovian

PostedWednesday, 30 April 02014 Tagsdigital, fanart, giftart.

Pachirisu Warrior

I'm not not sure what brought this about. I was asked to/wanted to draw a Pachirisu, and for whatever reason this character came to mind. I spent a lot of time trying to get the pose and the size of the head right in the sketch that for a while my motivation went down. I seem to change the proportions of things all the time, because it's still not the official appearance, but maybe I shouldn't worry about that.

PostedThursday, 20 February 02014 Tagsfanart, pokemon, traditional.

Backwards Cartridge

This took so looooooong... I don't really know why. It could've been because of the lack of consistent references, or maybe it's just been a tiring day...

PostedThursday, 12 December 02013 Tagsdigital, fanart, squeaky.

Mimiga Me

Some days you just feel like drawing yourself as a mimiga.

PostedFriday, 22 November 02013 Tagsdigital, fanart, taylor.

Leap Heart

I'm going to be potentially god-moddy and chose a high class such as Muse. Oops.

PostedFriday, 5 July 02013 Tagsdigital, fanart, taylor.

Heartache On Your Sleeve



PostedFriday, 31 May 02013 Tagsdigital, fanart.