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Do you think you're in the ライト?

Tuesday, 31st December 02019

digital, fanart, okami.

A Memory

Sunday, 17th November 02019

digital, fanart, okami.

Without Doctors

For those who feel nowhere, may you find comfort in somewhere.

Saturday, 29th June 02019

digital, fanart, floraverse, nohai.

Don The Executioner's Hood

Friday, 17th May 02019

digital, fanart, floraverse.

Tsumugi Shiroplane

I regret nothing.

Tuesday, 20th February 02018

digital, fanart.


Wednesday, 13th December 02017

fanart, sketch.

Winter Is Thumping

A sketch that got a bit out of control, inspired by Nystre.

Saturday, 5th August 02017

digital, fanart, pokemon.

Shaymin Paws

Hey, another commission!

Monday, 31st July 02017

commission, digital, fanart, pokemon.

Heartache 〜 Reload

Thursday, 5th November 02015

digital, fanart.

Duality Across Time

Wednesday, 21st October 02015

commission, digital, fanart.