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March On

"No matter what awaits me, I'll keep marching on."

I have seriously not drawn Jirbyth in a long time. Look at them timestamps.

PostedTuesday, 26 June 02018 Tagsdisarrayed unity, jirbyth, sketch.

Self Defence

Oh hey, I remembered I have the "Self" series to work on, maybe I could actually finish it during this sudden drive to do stuff.

PostedWednesday, 12 December 02012 Tagsdisarrayed unity, kayla, self series, traditional.

Lunias And Trevor

PostedSaturday, 24 September 02011 Tagscharacter design, digital, disarrayed unity, lunias, trevor, witness to unity.


PostedFriday, 13 August 02010 Tagsalex jr, disarrayed unity, jirbyth, sketch.

Assisted Suicide

PostedFriday, 19 February 02010 Tagsdisarrayed unity, kayth, traditional.


PostedWednesday, 17 February 02010 Tagsdisarrayed unity, the parasite, traditional, witness to unity.

Master of Wind

PostedMonday, 15 February 02010 Tagsdisarrayed unity, kayla, traditional.


PostedMonday, 15 February 02010 Tagsdisarrayed unity, jirbyth, traditional.

Stairway To Power

PostedSunday, 10 January 02010 Tagsalex jr, disarrayed unity, traditional.

Do I Believe You?

PostedMonday, 22 September 02008 Tagsdisarrayed unity, jirbyth, kayth, traditional.