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Two Halves' wibbly wobbly history

Long ago, about 02005-07, I produced an RPG known as Two Halves. To this date, it is my only game other people have played. It was released in irregular betas to a community I was a part of.

The story is pretty terrible. The self-insert main character was teleport-kidnapped by a space-army fixated on reviving their demi-god warrior to fight a "demon" alien. The main character was a reincarnation of half of the dead demi-god. Also an internet forum was a real world location.

It's all kind of a mess because I would alter or make additions to the story over time as I was inspired to. It's really obvious when I look at it.

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Squeak Adventure Concepts

This was originally posted elsewhere, like my other blog tagged posts. Unfortunately I don't seem to have the original post any more, so this post simply gives a rough low-down of the concepts I was thinking over here.

PostedWednesday, 21 May 02014 Tagsblog, conceptualisation, sketch, squeak adventure, squeaky.

Blind men and an elephant

The story of the blind men and an elephant is a parable originating from India.

In it, several blind men, or men in darkness unable to see, surround and touch an elephant. They can only get information of one part of the elephant – for example a limb, the flank, or a tusk. The blinded men then tell one another what they believe to be before them from the information they have alone. What they end up discovering however, is that each one of them give completely varied accounts for what they think is before them.

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The History of Nothing But Interconnections

Nothing But Interconnections is an old concept of mine. It was born from the proposition of a Shin Megami Tensei game set in New Zealand. For those unfamiliar, the SMT games are RPGs produced by Atlus known for being incredibly challenging and usually revolve around recruiting creatures and deities of various myths to fight for you.

The latter point is in part more the idea "SMT In NZ" was initially brainstormed around. I wanted to make a dark, gritty, urban fantasy RPG where the enemies you fought were based around New Zealand's myths. Of course I'm white as heck and don't really know anything about Maori mythology.

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Viewer discretion: Minor nudity.

PostedThursday, 5 December 02013 Tagsconceptualisation, digital, mature.

On Telling Games...

The remastered version of Ducktales is a great game. It feels just the same with its gameplay, it doesn't talk down to the player or make things a walk in the park -- and I'm playing on Easy. The notable thing though is that it doesn't feel like a remake, or a port, or what have you. It feels like as if the game was a new entry made to current standards.

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[Game Idea] "Fluid"

Fluid (adj.), changing readily; shifting; not fixed, stable, or rigid.

Sometimes my brain will think of ideas or projects that I ought to create, and often this is entirely unhelpful for the projects I should be focusing on. Here I am writing down the ideas that came to mind for this concept to get it out there, since I don't think I have the time to work on this as well as other ideas.

Thanks, brain.

This game is called Fluid. It is a Yume Nikki-like game in that there's an awake mode and a dream mode to gameplay. The dream mode is where most of the game lies, and involves exploring the character's — who I will refer to as Avatar — unconscious mind and seeing what it's all about. There are also Moods to collect that alter the character's appearance and grant particular abilities that help with exploration in different ways.

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New Expression

There's something to be said about the blog format that I can't seem to escape. I know it might not have the unique flare that it could have, maybe I could make the site look like a literal art gallery that you pan around. The problem with creating a design driven by flare, is that it's limiting. I also found separating my creations out by type didn't work for me either. While the majority of what I post online might be art, I still do work on written things sometimes. The next biggest thing to art would be my game project(s), but uploading things about it, is difficult.

Having everything under one segment of my site creates consistency, and I can post or talk about other things without having to change much format to it all. Previously, I had different setups all over the place and it was unnecessarily fiddly to manage, and I felt that having separate sub-sites for certain things made them feel less important. By putting everything in one place, it is hopefully easier for certain stuff to get exposure. I am going to organise things by tags relating to their story origin or nature, which hopefully is a familiar format to most people and allows for more flexible categorisation.

In the very least, I tried keeping the personality my site is supposed to have. I don't have anything against blogs like some people, but with using popular "themes" or similar. This makes everything look the same, and no one's blogs or sites seem to evoke any personality or uniqueness to the creator of the content. The other issue I have is that Wordpress is a bulky, clunky mess with an awful theme system, and I despise web design and technology magazines raving on about it.

This site uses something vastly smaller and simpler, and for the majority of bloggers it would actually be the better choice over Wordpress. Although I dislike how it uses its own tagging system for comments as opposed to the likes of BBCode or a limited bank of HTML tags.

EDIT 2014/09/10: The system has since changed, there are no comments.

I kinda feel like I have web design opinions contrary to most web designers...

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There is a terminal here.

This post is about save points. I personally prefer save points over being able to save anywhere, although freedom of saving does have its advantages. Save points mixed with freedom to save for example on world maps or in safe areas is also a fair route to take.

PostedThursday, 6 June 02013 Tagsblog, conceptualisation, games, sketch.

Be Your True Mind

Since I updated Tower of Stars to its current incarnation I have been feeling unmotivated and listless. I don't think the two are related, but it has stopped me from continuing to add content here that I have backlogged. That header needs something new, I have several in-progress artworks, and I intend to write about 12000.

When I'm unmotivated several things can end up happening instead. I mess with my desktop and shell customisation — no clue why, I think I just end up wanting a new and fresh interface. That's already happened. I wallow in pity and feel frustrated about things I usually can ignore. That's a thing, that's why I try to keep myself entertained with creative endeavours. Then I might also think of a while new concept that I want to create.

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PostedWednesday, 5 June 02013 Tagsblog, conceptualisation, games, graphic design, persona.