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No Respect For The Creatives

This is something I’ve talked about quite regularly on Tumblr, because it’s particularly bad there. (Of course it’s vastly worse on 9Gag or Cheezburger, but moving along...) I’m going to collate some of those posts here into a somewhat coherent narrative.

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Wednesday, 9th April 02014


Blind men and an elephant

The story of the blind men and an elephant is a parable originating from India.

In it, several blind men, or men in darkness unable to see, surround and touch an elephant. They can only get information of one part of the elephant – for example a limb, the flank, or a tusk. The blinded men then tell one another what they believe to be before them from the information they have alone. What they end up discovering however, is that each one of them give completely varied accounts for what they think is before them.

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Monday, 7th April 02014

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The History of Nothing But Interconnections

Nothing But Interconnections is an old concept of mine. It was born from the proposition of a Shin Megami Tensei game set in New Zealand. For those unfamiliar, the SMT games are RPGs produced by Atlus known for being incredibly challenging and usually revolve around recruiting creatures and deities of various myths to fight for you.

The latter point is in part more the idea "SMT In NZ" was initially brainstormed around. I wanted to make a dark, gritty, urban fantasy RPG where the enemies you fought were based around New Zealand's myths. Of course I'm white as heck and don't really know anything about Maori mythology.

Wednesday, 19th February 02014

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Coding the save screen somehow wasn't frustrating?

Here I have a collection of save screen screenshots, showing progression of my code and how it makes old saves more and more incompatible. ... well, maybe not quite like that. I was working on what stuff is saved, so of course in this case things got a little weird looking.

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Wednesday, 29th January 02014

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Welcome to the wonderful world of RGSS3: Adventures With A Mini-Map Script

I recently finished a collection of world maps/designs to a point. These maps would appear on a location screen which I have yet to code, but they also served to get an idea of the layout of those worlds and plan things around them.

These are things that I should probably have done earlier, but I am focusing more on the experience or gameplay at the moment more than the story. That's a good thing, isn't it?

Saturday, 4th January 02014

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Forgetting About Witness to Unity

I have neglected to touch on Witness to Unity for a while due to losing motivation when I got stuck in a difficult stage of production. This happens often. This is the most common reason why I will stop working on one project and decide to work on something else. The other times are usually inspiration distracting me from my train of thought.

Sprites are hard, I am not that kind of artist.

However I have been getting other things done and out of the way, like the 20xx character designs. While the story isn't finished (or started), I have reached a nice and tidy stage with it. Witness to Unity is not in such a state on the other hand. I have a long list of things I need to do, or fix, or whatever else, because I keep leaving threads hanging and wondering where I am.

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Thursday, 21st November 02013

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Intelligent Enemies

So there were several problems at hand with what I wanted my monsters to be able to do in Witness to Unity. Some of it came down to the limits of the program I chose to use, but a lot of it seems to be because I'm still pretty dumb when it comes to programming. Oops.

RPG Maker VX Ace is not very flexible about making enemies. I wanted to make my enemies smart about the targets of their skills, choosing the right target to heal conditions, apply them, or exploit elements.

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Sunday, 15th September 02013

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On Telling Games...

The remastered version of Ducktales is a great game. It feels just the same with its gameplay, it doesn't talk down to the player or make things a walk in the park -- and I'm playing on Easy. The notable thing though is that it doesn't feel like a remake, or a port, or what have you. It feels like as if the game was a new entry made to current standards.

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Thursday, 15th August 02013

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New Expression

There's something to be said about the blog format that I can't seem to escape. I know it might not have the unique flair that it could have, maybe I could make the site look like a literal art gallery that you pan around. The problem with creating a design driven by flair is that it's limiting. I also found separating my creations out by type didn't work for me either, as the proportion of other kinds of content is severely inconsistent.

Having everything under one segment of my site creates consistency, and I can post or talk about other things without having to change much format to it all. Previously, I had different setups all over the place and it was unnecessarily fiddly to manage, and I felt that having separate sub-sites for certain things made them feel less important. Organising things instead by tags is hopefully more flexible as well as familiar to most people.

In the very least, I tried keeping the personality my site is supposed to have. I don't have anything against blogs like some people, but with using popular "themes" or similar. This makes everything look the same, and no one's blogs or sites seem to evoke any personality or uniqueness to the creator of the content.

I kinda feel like I have web design opinions contrary to most web designers...

Sunday, 23rd June 02013