Coding the save screen somehow wasn't frustrating?

Here I have a collection of save screen screenshots, showing progression of my code and how it makes old saves more and more incompatible. ... well, maybe not quite like that. I was working on what stuff is saved, so of course in this case things got a little weird looking.

There isn't much that I can think of to say about this collection really. Unlike a lot of code as of late, this ended up being fairly straight-forward, and I got to learn a bit about how RMVXAce uses these "headers" to store small amounts of data for the file screen.

It should probably be noted if it's not obvious: the save screen in normal play probably won't look this messy. I discovered through my experimentation that I was able to add all these error catchers and similar, creating things like that first save file. In contrast, the default VXAce save menu does not do this, and it will cause your game to crash if it reads a mismatched file.

Normally you wouldn't be copying a save from one game to another, of course. This would probably all be much more useful if I ever complete a game, start a new project, and want to produce cross-compatible clear files of some kind.

Here's a screenshot that's a bit cleaner and the character heights adjusted to be a bit more accurate. (Arin's not that tall though.) Putting aside that the character sprites aren't aligned like that because I'm limited to 64x64 sprites to avoid clipping. Also the fact the artwork to the left will represent current events in the story, not just that graphic.

I dunno, it's just a small thing.

Wednesday, 29th January 02014

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