To Own Worlds

Originally called Walkabout, then Self Projection, now this. I decided it didn't really fit the first title in the end, and I want to attempt the original idea again with something else. Meanwhile I'm already in two Self pictures, I don't need more. :x

This was a disaster in other places outside a changing concept mid-draw too. I started off with green at the bottom, but it was at half-way point I realised the green did not work at all. So... I went over green pencil (that had been also attacked with a blender) with purple marker.

Then I did the same thing with other areas too, but with more similar colours.

I'm not wholly sure about it? I need more marker colours. . _.;


At least the 'real world' bit is cool.


This remains one of my favourite pieces two years later despite the trouble and original uncertainty about colour choices. I'm particularly fond of how Taylor turned out.

PostedWednesday, 31 August 02011 Tagstaylor, traditional.