Site Update!

The site got a massive update! Holy crap this was a lot of work...

Most won't be too obvious to notice though, though, as it's largely behind the scenes. A lot of the HTML and CSS methods were outdated and terrible, so I redid a lot of that nearly from scratch, but kept the same design. I redid the footer and links, as well as added an Everything Else link for miscellaneous stuff I do that isn't part of the main blogroll.

I also updated a whole bunch of pictures - either rescanned them from their original copies, or re-saved them without overdone filters that several got over the years. The updated pictures are as follows. Beware: a lot of it is very old art.

A few posts have also either been deleted or made private, either because I felt they weren't necessary to keep up or just had problems.

Honestly I inteded to have this update up sooner but then dumb brain things got in the way.

And now I need to sleep for a hundred years.

Thursday, 21st November 02019