Shin Donkey Tensei

i love the first boss theme of donkey kong country tropical freeze partly because it absolutely does not fit anything that's going on like this is some friggen shin megami tensei battle theme and you're fighting a friggin circus seal

i Love it

— Diddgery

Diddy: Donkey.. I loved you... please, dont deny the will of God

Dixie: How can you just sacrifice your freedom like that??

— Barrier_Trio


So after discovering this ridiculously Atlus-like boss theme, I ended up spriting Pompy the Presumptuous like the early Megaten games and sticking them in a screen as such. The sprite is completely from scratch and took several hours of work, and by that point I forgot I needed to do a background... and didn't want to... so I just recoloured one. I'm sorry.

I started off drawing up the sprite at a larger size, here it is too for those interested:

I'm sorry for the watermarks, but you should all know how the internet treats pixelart.

Thursday, 25th September 02014

digital, fanart.