Sharing Policy

What You May Do

  • You may download my pictures for backgrounds, icons, or just to collect. You may trace/reference/edit my works as non-public practice! Just don't upload it anywhere.
  • Use of my fanart or your commissions for avatars or the like is totally okay! Personal art or other things I'd rather you ask about first.
  • To share my works, link to their respective pages or galleries. If you want to show the pictures to others, you just need use this website, that's what it's for.

Please Do Not

  • Please don't directly link to the images. This leeches bandwidth and prevents viewing of other works.
  • Please do not rehost or repost. Some sites I do not wish to be associated with, and some sites I've already posted the work, so you can share/fav/etc them that way if you wish. I will try to provide links on other networks to where I've also posted the art, if I've forgotten to, feel free to ask if I've provided the means to share the stuff there.

Commission Rights

  • Subjects of gift-art, fan-art or commissions remain the property of specified creators; these pieces also may only be reused by their owners or with the owners' permission. Commissioned art is free to be edited/cropped into various avatars or what-have-you just as other art is, but I'm still inclined against whole-image reposts.