Pachirisu Warrior

I'm not not sure what brought this about. I was asked to/wanted to draw a Pachirisu, and for whatever reason this character came to mind. I spent a lot of time trying to get the pose and the size of the head right in the sketch that for a while my motivation went down. I seem to change the proportions of things all the time, because it's still not the official appearance, but maybe I shouldn't worry about that.

I'm trying to work more with traditional mediums, in particular the blending of coloured pencil and markers. Markers in general, but blending them would crop up too. I juggled between a pencil and marker blender during this, the marker blender creates a really nice texture, but I get the feeling it's already (read: a purchase in the last week with use in only two pictures) been destroyed by its very purpose, because it seems to be drying up.

I'm also trying to have a goal of practising something in particular with anything I draw as of late. Besides getting blenders and blending in traditional art down, I also wanted to do more non-standing idle poses and foreshortening.

... whaddya mean this is still pretty much standing idle...

PostedThursday, 20 February 02014 Tagsfanart, pokemon, traditional.