Observable Universe

Current height: 8.798 * 1023 kilometres.

I originally started this as a sketch traditionally, however I wasn't sure I'd be able to achieve the effects I wanted without going digitally, so I did so.

I was trying to get foreshortening down again here, however I don't feel there was much achieved on that front. I'm not at a terribly strong angle to show it that much. I also tried to follow my recent reference (over on Weasyl) to be more consistent with my appearance.

The values had me stumped here for a bit, and they're probably not accurate. How are you supposed to work with an object that's going to surely have shadows when it is the light source? That's what I was unsure over. I decided to go ahead anyway on the basis that the light wasn't entirely uniform and I think it looks about right.

I feel bad for drawing myself so often. I do have some other sketches, but I've neglected to post them because it's in-game art for Witness to Unity and/or I want to do others and post them in bulk. I can say that but it rings hollow and doesn't matter if I just keep uploading me-art...

Sunday, 23rd February 02014

digital, taylor.