No Comment


Taylor came from some sort of dream. I say sort of because it seemed to be only seconds long and then I woke up, still early in the night. I was on an aeroplane in this dream of all things, and was sitting next to myself. Well, Taylor. You get the idea. The strangeness of the experience and the desire to use the figure as a persona is why I originally named it No Comment.

This is the first picture I ever drew of Taylor, based on a traditional piece. I really wish I signed it with the date. The metadata for the earliest copy of this picture declares 2008-02-10T10:34:48, meaning I must have done the colour on Sunday 10th February 2008, drawn the lines on the previous Saturday night, and had the dream on the Friday night before that.


Now we have 2013's version. The background is pretty basic, but gives a rough idea of the scene I saw. I finished the figure back on the 15th February and only whipped up a background of some description now. I tried experimenting with depth of field but I don't think it turned out that well. It might be easier to tell if there was a more detailed scene.

Friday, 12th July 02013

digital, taylor.