Leap Heart

I'm going to be potentially god-moddy and chose a high class such as Muse. Oops.

Sorry for just drawing more of me, this was something I started ages ago I've only now got around to completing. I'm not sure what to say about it really, except that a feral wearing clothes is rather silly. The design is based on the humanoid outfit in some god-tier quiz, but my choice of class here is more of personal preference than what I got from the quiz. (Because like all quizzes of that sort, they're biased as heck.)

I tried to make the outfit seem somewhat like noble robes than a complete outfit. The underside/chest area is not covered, and the cloths are each attached by belts. I'm not too sure what a Muse of Heart would do in a Sburb situation. The idea is that it's related to my creative endeavours with characters and worlds, so perhaps in a similar manner to Caliborn's minions, I have my OCs as my own minions? I dunno.

Maybe Maid of Heart would make more sense, if only for the pun-related meaning.

PostedFriday, 5 July 02013 Tagsdigital, fanart, taylor.