Experimental Deflation For Scientific Analysis

Patient 02: "Aetheya"

Patient was left in a cleared out room with hip-valve released. Initial observations show signs of attempted communication, likely exclamations of panic and upset based on body language, but no vocal sound is heard by human ears. Equipment picks up but is unable to process the data, as stated in Patient 01's file.

After locked in the room Patient attempts to open the door, but collapses as internals leave hindquarters. Form on observation behaves just as the control sample does. Lack of internal containment results in inability to move particular areas. Lack of internal containment of any sort halts alpha waves. Colour appears paler on body when deflated.

Internal elements in the patients do not appear to contain neurological patterns, but do appear to have psychological effects. [Cut by AA: Information moved and expanded upon in Patient 04]

Patient was reinflated after 8 hours and returned to containment.

So this was a commission. ... this was the first commission I did and it was certainly an interesting challenge. I was up and down about it throughout drawing this — sometimes it seemed like it was going okay and other times I wasn't happy with it. Both the transparency and the deflation took some experimenting, but I'm happy with the end result.

... and I got to brainstorm some silly/awful thing for the story Takumi is related to. Mweheheh.

Tuesday, 23rd July 02013

commission, digital, squeaky.