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Just a WIP here, I think I've covered all anatomical issues and can move onto the next stage. ... or do the next character. That might be more productive.

PostedThursday, 21 April 02011

This is what happens when I don't have, or avoid the computer/internet for two and a half days. Things get done.

So we have some Exitesen character designs, as well as some other characters that needed some artwork desperately.

Critique would be greatly appreciated here, before I start doing the digital inking and colouring. Specifically, the man at the top right doesn't look in his 30s, the characters before and after him may too need extra age lines, and I bet the feet on some characters are narfed. I was following the angle/style I used in Mea's profile art.

PostedMonday, 6 June 02011

The purpose these were made for is potentially gone - bases for dialogue graphics - so any pointers on secondary changes would help with the new all-from-scratch style that may or may not happen.

Depends on how lazy I am.

ANYWAY. From left to right, we have a 19 year old, though slightly stocky I suppose, early 20s thin male, same again, tall and thin 50 year old, well built late 30s, and another tall, thin character.

While I feel I've got the faces right this time, particularly in terms of wrinkles and the like... I'm not too confident on much else. Especially with how the feet are sometimes at a different angle to everything else.

... in the end I'm not 100% happy with these, but I'm putting it up for others' sake - it was on Tumblr at one point - and to archive.

PostedThursday, 30 June 02011 Tagscharacter design, digital, eindre, games, jia, jirbyth, mea, sketch, trevor, witness to unity.