12000 Panel Experimenting

This is a few experimental panels I drew for 12000. Because of the adventure format, I want something I can draw somewhat quickly and repeatedly, even though I'll likely only create updates about once a week to avoid overworking myself. I don't want to lose motivation over single shots.

The first three tests were originally started by an idea of this scene. There is something strange going on with technology. A character insists the hero mod his phone to counter a potential patch for this behaviour to keep track of the anomaly. Why would you want to counter a bug patch? What is the patch trying to prevent that people would try to fight against it?

This style is similar to the art I did for Existesen a while back. Though I do not want to make the comparison so as to avoid, well, it being compared to it; the style was based somewhat on Homestuck's hero mode. I'm fond of the idea of making the backgrounds simple, but I think the characters suffer for it.

Inu wakes up in the future world of The Tower, unsure about where he is, what he is, and what is going on. The city has becomes immensely intertwined with nature, the sidewalk is torn up and the only sound to be heard is the wind and the branches.

The segments that take place in The Tower I want to be styled quite differently, however I don't think it went as planned here. I tried going for something more detailed and gritty, and well, hah. The background has a cheap texture and Inu's values are a scruffy mess.

Sometimes there may be taller panels for particular scenes. ... I have nothing to say about what is going on here. What is going on here? Who knows.

Much later on I took another shot at a style, this time drawing a scene from the very beginning of the story. I love how these two look a lot, especially the lighting and mood at the desk. The lines may be a little dense, the background out of focus, and the anatomy could be wonky I had to fix his neck and it still looks too long but I think it carries the right idea.

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